I’m starting a newsletter. It’ll focus mostly but not exclusively on contemporary art and will be quick and dirty, chatty and easy to read, less crafted than what you may see under my byline elsewhere. This approach is toward the end of it actually getting out into the world; if I think too much about it, I won’t be able to do it.

It will be fun, mostly. Even those of you in my universe who find art twee or toxic should be entertained.

Subject matter will largely be the goings-on of the day, though a great virtue of this kind of venue is that it offers an escape route from the tyranny of the topical, of racing constantly to keep up, to plant your flag on the newest territory. So there’ll be loving consideration of old stuff too.

In addition to art, there will feature other cultural products such as books, movies, musique, looqs, alcoholic beverages, pills and powders, energy drinks, dive bars, subway stations, political ads, OnlyFans accounts, TikToks—the worst and best of everything.

The newsletter is tentatively titled Spigot. In part that’s a nod to irregularity: sometimes you’ll get a trickle, sometimes a gush. It’s also to honor our era’s primary discursive motif: people constantly spouting off their ill-informed opinions.

I would love for you all to send me money for Spigot. Open your hearts, by which I mean your bank accounts. I have no delusions about this project being a cash cow. On the other hand, paying customers will receive perks! Substack has fairly restrictive tiering options, unfortunately, but if you want to become a Founding Member, let’s talk. Options at variou$ level$ may include handscreened T-shirts, mixes of song, erroneous tarot readings, drawings made in fugue states, scandalous goss, relationship-saving romantic advice, and on-call remote sommelier service.

If I get bored or when it starts to suck, don’t worry, I’ll quit. It could be a month, it could be a lifetime. And in any case it will soon be as if it never even happened.

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Art, etc. A trickle, a gusher.